Hey there! 👋 We get this question a lot: "How on earth are custom tabs made?" It's a common assumption that since custom index tabs are mostly made from recycled paper, they must be sprouting up on trees, right? Well, let me set the record straight and take you behind the scenes into the fascinating world of custom tab manufacturing.

I'm Brent Barnard, the proud owner (and the friendly voice on the other end of the telephone) here at Universal Binders & Tabs, soaking up the sunny vibes of Simi Valley. Since 1997, our team at Universal Binders & Tabs has been lending a helpful hand to companies, big and small, from around the corner to across the globe, fulfilling all their custom index tab needs.

Back in the day, we kicked things off with a modest operation, supplying legal index tabs and those trusty 3-ring view binders to local law firms, corporate legal wizards, and dedicated court reporters. As time rolled on, we realized it was high time to bring the manufacturing process in-house. Now, from the nitty-gritty of tab artwork setup to the moment we hand over those completed, neatly boxed index tabs to our dedicated Fedex Driver, we're in control every step of the way.

Taking the reins of the manufacturing process isn't just about control; it's about making our customers even happier. We're talking about higher quality custom tabs, with printing so crisp it practically sparkles, and tabs cut with exact precision. Plus, we've cranked up the speed, aiming for a turnaround time of 3-4 business days – although it might be a smidge quicker when we're not buried in tabs!

Need those legal tabs urgently? No worries! Order before 2 PM, and we'll move mountains (well, almost) to ship them out on the same day. We won't leave you hanging either – expect an email within half an hour confirming that we're on it. And oh, did I mention we toss in a tracking number with every order?

Now, let's dive back into the magical world of tab cultivation. We start with the finest non-GMO seeds around, nurturing them in Simi Valley's super fertile soil. Daily watering, a sprinkle of fertilizer twice a week, and a generous helping of sunshine (we're talking twenty hours a day) – our tabs are living the good life! Rain or shine (literally, 1” to 2” of rainfall every day), we show these tabs lots of love until they're ready to shake, shimmer, and signal that it's harvest time.

The best part? Our tabs have a favorite playlist featuring Cosmos, Baby’s-breath, Lady Bird Poppies, Zinnias, and Bachelor Button Flowers. They grow like champs with a bit of musical inspiration!

And if you're curious about our manufacturing process today, we've got a snapshot for you. No heavy-duty printing presses, no fancy tab machines – just some good ol' Simi Valley soil enriched with a touch of compost, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The real MVP? The sun, basking in all its glory!

So, there you have it – the not-so-secret life of our custom tabs. If you ever have more questions or just want to chat about tabs, I'm just a phone call away. Cheers to tabs that are practically works of art! 🌟

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